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Practice Speaking in Real-Life Situations 

With Corgi, you can role-play real-life scenarios and build confidence in your speaking skills. From ordering a coffee to navigating a new city, we’ve got you covered!

Mistakes? No Worries, We’ve Got Your Back!

Our app gently corrects your slip-ups and boosts your grammar — kind of like a friendly grammar ninja.Get instant feedback on your language blunders and watch your grammar skills soar.

Your Daily Word Workout

Expand your word bank without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to boring word lists and hello to a fun, interactive learning experience!

Speak to Learn,
Learn to Speak

Studies show speaking can boost your learning efficiency by up to 75%*. It’s the fast track to fluency!

* Communicative Language Teaching: State of the Art. Savignon, S. J. (1991)

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4.5 Rating in Google Chrome

  • Mr Crazy

    Super good If I can give 100 stars I would give it. it is a nice app


    Thank you so much to a team who made this such a helpful application... thanks a lot :)

  • Adalee Laizure

    Its like my best friend he is really cute

  • Christian Ducharme

    Good! I use the translate button to understand, recommended!

  • Taoufik EL KOM

    Thank you for this application i hope you add arabic language

  • chulbd 1

    Excellent finally found what I needed 5/5

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