Words That Start With La: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into our comprehensive guide exploring words starting with 'La'. From 3-letter words to 7-letter terms, enrich your vocabulary and gain strategic insights for word-based games.

May 7, 2024
Exploring words that start with "la" unveils a fascinating linguistic journey, encompassing a vast array of vocabulary.
This article methodically categorizes words with "la" by length, from concise 3-letter iterations to elaborate terms, providing an invaluable resource for enthusiasts seeking to enrich their vocabulary or excel in word-based games. Through an exploration of short words that start with "la" to more complex forms, readers will gain insight into the strategic use of these terms in Scrabble and other linguistic contexts, enhancing their articulation and comprehension skills.

3-Letter Words Starting With La

3-Letter Words Starting With La
3-Letter Words Starting With La
Exploring three-letter words starting with "la" reveals a diverse set of terms, each with unique meanings and applications. This segment provides a brief overview of these words, enhancing vocabulary for various uses, from casual conversation to academic writing.

List of Three-Letter "La" Words

  • Lab: A laboratory or a labrador retriever
  • Lac: A resinous substance or lacquer
  • Lad: A boy or young man
  • Lag: Late or last made
  • Lah: A musical note or an expression
  • Lam: To beat or thrash, or to flee
  • Lap: The loose part of a coat, an edge, or the part of the clothing that lies on the knees or thighs when one sits down
  • Lar: A household god, a lar gibbon, or an abbreviation of liquid argon
  • Lat: A staff, a monumental pillar, or a rudimentary or military facility for urination and defecation
  • Law: A body of binding rules and regulations, customs, or a rule or principle
  • Lax: Lenient, loose, or not tight or taut
  • Lay: To place down in a position of rest, to cause to subside or abate, or to prepare
This list encapsulates the versatility and range of three-letter words beginning with "la", showcasing their utility across different fields and contexts.

4-Letter Words Starting With La

4-Letter Words Starting With La
4-Letter Words Starting With La
Exploring the four-letter words beginning with "la" further enriches our understanding of this versatile prefix. This segment introduces a collection of some words that are not only common in everyday language but also carry significant points in word-based games.

List of Four-Letter "La" Words

  • Labs: Refers to laboratories or lab sessions
  • Lace: A delicate fabric made of yarn or thread
  • Lack: The state of being without something
  • Lads: Informal term for boys or young men
  • Lady: A polite or formal way to refer to a woman
  • Lake: A large body of water surrounded by land
  • Lame: Weak or inadequate
  • Land: Refers to the part of the earth's surface that is not covered by water
  • Lank: Slender and long, often in a way that is ungraceful
  • Laps: The flat area between the waist and knees of a seated person
  • Lard: Fat from the abdomen of a pig, used in cooking
  • Lark: A small ground-dwelling songbird
  • Lash: To strike with a whip or similar implement
  • Last: Coming after all others in time or order
  • Laud: Praise or glorification
This table showcases the diversity of four-letter words starting with "la," highlighting their utility in enhancing vocabulary and their strategic use in games.

5-Letter Words Starting With La

The exploration of 5-letter words starting with "La" offers both linguistic richness and a strategic advantage in word-based games.

List of Selected 5-Letter "La" Words

  • Ladle: A large long-handled spoon used for serving soup, stew, or sauce
  • Lager: A type of beer conditioned at low temperatures
  • Lagan: Goods lying on the seabed, recoverable by law
  • Lahar: A destructive mudflow on the slopes of a volcano
  • Label: A small piece of paper, fabric, or similar material attached to an object and giving information about it
  • Lacer: Someone or something that cuts or tears
  • Lacet: A type of braid used as a trimming
  • Laity: Lay people, as distinct from the clergy
  • Lader: One who loads a ship or vehicle
This table highlights the meanings and uses of various 5-letter words starting with "La".

6-Letter Words Starting With La

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List of Six-Letter "La" Words

  • Laager: A camp defended by wagons
  • Labara: Historical banners or flags
  • Labbes: A type of bird, also known as gulls
  • Labell: To tag or mark for identification
  • Labels: Tags that give information about items
  • Labiau: Plural of labium, parts of the anatomy
  • Labile: Unstable or easily changed
  • Labium: A part of the anatomy or botanical term
  • Labors: To work hard
  • Labret: A type of body piercing
  • Labrid: Pertaining to a family of fishes
  • Labrum: An anatomical part in humans and insects
  • Labrys: A double-headed axe, historically significant
  • Lacets: Small, decorative braids or cords
  • Laches: Legal term for negligence
  • Lackey: A servant or someone who is obsequiously willing to obey
  • Lactam: A type of chemical compound
This table illustrates the diverse applications and meanings of six-letter words beginning with "La," enriching vocabulary and offering insights into their usage.

7-Letter Words Starting With La

7-Letter Words Starting With La
7-Letter Words Starting With La
Delving into the realm of seven-letter words beginning with "la" reveals a rich tapestry of language. These words span a variety of contexts and usages, enhancing both everyday vocabulary and specialized language. Here's a closer look at some of these words:

List of Selected 7-Letter "La" Words

  • Laagers: Used to describe encampments fortified by wagons.
  • Labeled: Indicates items marked with a label for identification.
  • Labials: Pertains to consonants articulated with the lips.
  • Labored: Describes working hard physically or mentally.
  • Laborer: A person engaged in physical work, especially in construction.
  • Labrets: Refers to lip piercings or the jewelry used in such piercings.
  • Labrids: Pertaining to a family of brightly colored fishes.
Further exploration into the lexicon includes words like "Lacavas," a term with specific cultural or possibly historical significance, and "Lacayos," which denotes servants or underlings in certain historical contexts. Words such as "Lacerta," which refers to a genus of lizards, and "Lachers," meaning those who release or relinquish, showcase the diversity of applications.
Additionally, terms like "Lacunas," referring to gaps or missing parts, and "Lacteal," describing milk-producing structures, are crucial for specific academic or scientific discourses. The word "Lacquer," a protective coating, often appears in discussions about materials and craftsmanship.
This array of seven-letter words starting with "La" not only enriches one’s vocabulary but also enhances understanding across various disciplines and everyday conversations.


Through this comprehensive exploration of words starting with "la," readers have journeyed from concise two-letter words to the multifaceted universe of seven-letter variations, unveiling the depth and breadth of the English language. This linguistic voyage has not only highlighted the strategic importance of these words in games but also underscored their utility in enriching our vocabulary, emphasizing their role in various contexts from casual conversations to academic writing.
The journey underscores the linguistic richness that prefixes like "la" contribute to the English language, offering insights into their versatility and significance across different fields. By delving into this extensive list, enthusiasts and scholars alike can appreciate the nuances and complexities of language, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for its ability to express a broad spectrum of ideas and emotions. This exploration invites further investigation and demonstrates the endless opportunities for discovery within the realm of language.


Q: Can you list some words that begin with "la"?
A: Certainly! Here are a few examples:
  • Large
  • Later
  • Label
  • Labor
  • Laser
  • Layer
  • Lakes
  • Lands